The Atkinson Center's Faculty Fellows program is intended to recognize and promote the work of researchers across many sustainability disciplines at Cornell, who are actively engaged with ACSF. So far, this list includes 492 researchers, from 11 Cornell colleges/schools and more than 70 departments.

Peter Diamessis

Peter Diamessis (ASSIST-PROF)

College / Department 1: College of Engineering / Civil + Environmental Engineering

Graduate Field(s): Civil and Environmental Eng., Mech. Eng., Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Eng.


Area(s) of Interest

Climate Change, Computation And Modeling, Coupling Of Hydrodynamics And Ecology, Energy, Energy Transitions, Environment, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, High-performance Parallel Scientific Computing, Higher-order Element-based Computational Methods, Internal Waves, Renewable Energy, Turbulence And Mixing, Water Management