Academic Venture Fund - 2017

Small Device, Big Results

Doctor holding mobile device

A pocket-sized device promises health workers around the world an easy, inexpensive way to detect antibiotic resistance and manage infections--right in the doctor's office or clinic. Partnering with Weill Cornell Medicine, the researchers will develop Rapid Identification of Antibiotic Resistance (RIDAR), a handheld diagnostic tool that delivers near-instant information about a patient's infection type to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. If the infection is bacterial, RIDAR will check its antibiotic susceptibility and suggest the most effective drug for treatment.

[Thanks to a generous gift from David Atkinson, this project is partly sponsored by Cornell's new Master of Public Health (MPH)--an interdisciplinary program using a One Health approach.]

Investigators: Saurabh Mehta, David Erickson, Marshall Glesby (Weill), Lars Westblade (Weill)