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Small Grants Program

Graduate Funding for Atkinson Thematic Areas

How to Apply


  • Cornell graduate students and postdocs
  • Undergraduates are invited to contact us with interest in working on Small Grants projects

The 2019 cycle is closed:

Cornell Atkinson’s Small Grants Program supports Cornell graduate students and postdocs with funding for research that aligns with our working group themes of Increasing Food Security and Reducing Climate Risks.

Food security projects should be relevant to advancing the interlinked systems of food production, processing, and distribution to meet the nutritional needs of current and future populations, enhancing the quality of life of those who earn a livelihood within food systems, and improving the state of the ecosystems on which they depend.

Projects in reducing climate risks should innovate technology, financial instruments, and policy to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations and adapt infrastructure, agriculture, and health systems to equitably protect human health, safety, and prosperity from the impact of increasingly catastrophic droughts, floods, storms, and wildfires.


Primary Resarch Areas: