Wild Life: The Nature of In Situ and Ex Situ Conservation

February 20, 2014

Video Description

While some argue that today’s skyrocketing extinction rates call for a more intense conservation of species in captivity (ex situ), proponents of exclusive in situ conservation question the validity of saving species away from their natural habitat. Wild Life draws on interviews with more than one hundred conservation and population biologists, zoo experts, and wildlife managers to document their perspectives on the complex interrelations between in situand ex situ conservation. It examines the emerging understanding that endangered species and their habitats may need to be managed in perpetuity and the challenges that such an understanding poses to current definitions of nature. Finally, it considers the insights that may be gained by viewing the recent transformations in conservation practices as a shift from sovereign power to biopower.

Irus Braverman is the 2014 Society for the Humanities and Atkinson Center Fellow. Discussion led by ACSF Facuty Director Alex Travis (VTBIO).

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