Windmill near barn

Ag-to-Energy Farmland Use Is Focus of New $2.4M Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation have awarded a three-year, $2.4 million grant to a team of Cornell Atkinson Faculty Fellows. Investigators Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Lindsay Anderson, Peter Woodbury, Scott Steinschneider, Todd Walter, and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell will study the impact of converting land from agriculture to energy production.
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Zhiting Tian

Discovery Opens Door for Novel Thermoelectric Materials

A Cornell-led team of engineers, headed by Faculty Fellow Zhiting Tian, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has discovered a crystalline material with ultralow thermal conductivity, which could lead to the design of novel energy conversion materials and devices that can turn heat directly into electricity.

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Tasha Lewis

Faculty Fellows Among Weiss Teaching Award Recipients

Faculty Fellows Kim Weeden, Stacey Langwick, and Tasha Lewis received Weiss Awards for their excellence in teaching undergraduate students and contributions to undergraduate education at Cornell.

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Smog obscures city skyline

Air Quality Benefits From Electric Vehicles Could Save Thousands of Lives

Faculty Fellow and engineering professor K. Max Zhang co-authored a new study in Nature Sustainability on how electrical vehicle production is critical to improving air quality in China. Co-lead author Shaojun Zhang is a former Cornell Atkinson postdoctoral fellow.

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Thomas Bjorkman

Eastern Broccoli Project on Track to Meet $100M Goal

The Eastern Broccoli project, led by Faculty Fellow Thomas Bjorkman, is nearing its goal of creating a $100 million broccoli industry in the Eastern U.S. Two new studies, including one co-authored by Faculty Fellow Miguel Gómez, advance marketing strategies and breeding tools to help grow the industry.

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Excerpt from Cayuga-English dictionary

New Cayuga Language Class Focuses on Nature, Culture

Faculty Fellow and architecture, art, and planning professor Jolene Rickard will co-teach new Cayuga Language and Culture class. The course is the first Cornell’s history to teach the language of the Cayuga Nation, whose traditional territory is now home to the Ithaca campus.

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rows of corn

Crop-Improvement Lab Established with $25M USAID Grant

Faculty Fellow and plant breeding and genetics professor Hale Ann Tufan will serve as the associate director of the new Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement, which will advance plant breeding tools, technologies, and methods for staple crops in East and West Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.

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TCAM 2019 pitch winners

TCAM 2019 Pitch Winners

Congratulations to our Research Fellows Hailey Scofield and Nathan Oakes for winning top prize at this year’s TCAM Poster Pitch contest! Fifth-year CALS Ph.D. candidates graduating next spring, Scofield and Oakes are planning to continue developing their Combplex product, which helps rid bee colonies of Varroa mites.


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