Academic Venture Fund - 2018

Bridging the NYS Rural and Urban Divide through a Public 'Internet of Things'

Digital Ag in NYS - Researchers discuss crop data in cornfield

Rural areas have been plagued by poor cellular connections and a lack of investment by wireless telecommunication companies. This project aims to use affordable Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology to create a testbed in Tompkins County with 100% coverage and through 30 Cornell Cooperative Extension offices across New York State that will be equipped with LPWAN-based electricity and water metering. This statewide, public "Internet of Things" infrastructure will bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas, spur new economic activities, and be a game-changer for sustainability.

[This project received an Engaged Cornell supplemental grant.]

Investigators: K. Max Zhang, David Kay, Kenneth Schlather, Stephen Wicker