Academic Venture Fund - 2019

Seed Mixtures for Climate Resilience in Ethiopia

Grains sold at market in Ethiopia

Agrobiodiversity, developed and maintained by farmers worldwide for thousands of years, can provide growers with options in the face of climate change. However, the movement of farmers from rural areas toward new market opportunities in urban centers is likely to impact management of agrobiodiversity. Integrating socioeconomic, ethnobotanical and genetic analyses, this project will investigate how smallholders in Ethiopia use mixtures of crop species and varieties to mitigate the effects of drought, waterlogging, pathogens, pests and other climate-related stresses, and enhance the climate resilience of their food systems.

Investigators: Alison Power, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Miguel Gomez, Mark Sorrells

(Photo Credit: Thagadooran)