Academic Venture Fund - 2021

Balancing Environmental and Nutritional Tradeoffs of Expanding Amazonian Aquaculture

Tropical fish in the Amazon River

Aquaculture has become a critical component of global food systems and is expanding rapidly with the promise of enhancing nutrition while minimizing the environmental costs of animal food production. In this project, collaborators will evaluate the collective ecological and nutritional impacts of emerging aquaculture in the Amazon Basin, Earth's largest river basin, and a new frontier in global aquaculture expansion. Working with the Earth Innovation Institute, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and academic partners in Brazil and Peru, the team will produce insights aimed to minimize ecosystem impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions as aquaculture proliferates in the Amazon.

Investigators: Alexander Flecker, Kathryn Fiorella, Carla Gomes, Suresh Sethi, Xiangtao Xu