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Amanda Rodewald

Agriculture + Life Sciences / Natural Resources (PROF)

Amanda Rodewald is the Garvin professor of natural resources in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, as well as the senior director of conservation science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. She serves on the Faculty Advisory Board of the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. Rodewald works to generate, apply, and communicate science in ways that advance understanding of ecology and also support conservation.

Her research seeks to understand how global change impacts ecosystems across multiple spatiotemporal scales and levels of biological organization and, as such, touches on a variety of sub-disciplines, including conservation biology, community ecology, landscape ecology, population demography, behavioral ecology, and ecological restoration. She tightly integrates her research and outreach efforts to inform policy and management, and as such, regularly interacts with government agencies, conservation organizations, and private landowners. Among her national leadership activities, she has served on the Science Advisory Board of US EPA.

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