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Enabling Circular Construction With Fungi-based Materials


The volume of construction and demolition debris in the built environment and biomass waste from agricultural and forestry practices continues to grow. Cornell researchers, collaborating with partners in Denmark and India, seek to create a circular construction paradigm, using mycelium—the vegetative part of fungi—fed by agricultural waste, to create building materials ranging from foam-like insulation to structural components. The MycoBuilt project will identify the fungal strain and nutrient pairings needed for various construction material properties. These new options will divert waste from landfills, reduce carbon emissions, and create a new economically feasible and architecturally exciting green building material.

Investigators: Felix HeiselKathie Hodge, Lori Huberman, Rebecca NelsonAnil NetravaliPrabhu Pingali, Marta H. Wisniewska

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