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Accelerating Energy Transitions

The Energy Transitions Working Group is accelerating the adoption of new forms of clean energy, such as smart-grid technology and solar and wind installations. Focused on the integration of engineering solutions and social science across a range of topics, this working group is advancing technology development and adaptation, urban-rural connections, innovation in operation and business models, and community engagement. Specific challenges to be addressed include renewable fuel sources, smart technologies, demand-response programs, distributed controls, issues of fairness and accessibility, co-optimized systems, and education.

Accelerating Energy Transitions
sheep grazing under solar panels

Engage public, explore methods to secure NYS green energy - June 2021

Solar-power developers should explore using lower-quality agricultural land and engage communities early to meet NYS green energy goals, according to new research co-funded by Cornell Atkinson.

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midwestern farm

Energy income and farm viability: Evidence from USDA farm survey data - May 2021

A new article presents a conceptual model that provides a framework for when and how energy income could improve farm viability. The research was supported by a Cornell Atkinson grant.

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Cornell Atkinson - Geoengineering


The Cornell Climate Engineering group will model adding reflective aerosols into the stratosphere, which may deflect enough sunbeams to reduce Earth's temperature and limit climate change.

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Faculty Fellow Highlight

Buz Barstow

Leading researchers in pioneering a novel method that uses programmed microbes to mine rare-earth metals, Buz Barstow is moving knowledge-to-impact by making smart energy systems more sustainable.

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Buz Barstow
Academic Venture Fund 2020

Improving Cementation of Geothermal Wells

Investigators: Sriramya Nair, Geoffrey Coates, Rick Geddes

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