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Britt Groosman

Britt Groosman is Vice President of Climate-Smart Agriculture at  Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, where she helps create environmentally effective and economically sound solutions for the transition towards more climate-smart agriculture with a focus on the US, China, the EU, and India.  Under Britt’s leadership, EDF’s climate-smart ag group has tripled its budget and set up a number of new strategic initiatives, most notably EDF’s agricultural methane work.

Britt is an economist and has been with EDF since 2008. She has served in different capacities across a range of programs and regions. She started as an economist in the US climate program, established EDF’s first European operations, and served as Vice President of Global Climate until mid-2020.

Britt has almost 30  years’ experience as a strategic leader, environmental economist, and advocate working across sectors (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, energy) and regions (US, EU, India, China, Brazil). Prior to EDF, Britt worked as an economist in London for over a decade.

Britt studied Economics (BA) and Law and Economics (MA) at the Universities of Gent, Belgium, and Oxford University, UK.  She is fluent in English, French, and Dutch and lives in New York City.


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