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Kurt Fritjofson

Kurt Fritjofson serves as Research & Program Administrator at Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. As a member of the Operations Team, he is responsible for database management, logistical and technical support, event planning, and more. Prior to joining the Cornell Atkinson team in 2019, Fritjofson served as an Assistant Registrar for the College of Arts & Sciences. Before joining the University in a professional capacity, Fritjofson earned his baccalaureate from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and an Associate’s Degree in Political Science from Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Concurrent to his professional duties, Fritjofson operates as a songwriter, performer, and musician. His pre-collegiate professional expertise includes video production, audio engineering, and project management. He has a penchant for science fiction, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and the works of Bryan Ferry.

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