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Subhashree Navaneetha Srinivasagan

Education: PhD ’21, North Dakota State University
Cornell Adviser: Quirine Ketterings (CALS)
External Partner: RSK ADAS Ltd.
Themes: Increasing Food Security

Putting Farmers in the Driver Seat for On-Farm Research: Scalable Precision Agriculture Technology for Adaptive Management

Subhashree Srinivasagan is a 2022 Cornell Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellow. She will partner with Cornell’s Nutrient Management Spear Program (NMSP), led by Quirine Ketterings (CALS), to evaluate sustainable nutrient management practices and alternatives by analyzing yield data and building tools to create more accessible on-farm research.

Research results will include a user-friendly cloud-based spatial analysis tool to analyze crop management alternatives using yield monitor data and remotely sensed images. Yield monitor data will allow farmers to develop yield stability maps specific to their farm to evaluate management alternatives.

“On-farm research allows farmers and farm advisors to evaluate management practices and make decisions that improve the farm’s agricultural profitability while protecting the environment,” said Quirine Ketterings, Professor of Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems and Director of the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program. Subha will work with farmers, farm advisors, and policy makers in New York as well as partners in ADAS in the UK, the Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), and the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network to develop practical on-farm research approaches. This project’s outcomes will make on-farm research easier to do and more meaningful, taking away a major barrier to scientifically sound farmer-led research, for improvement of agricultural sustainability and climate resilience.”

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