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Innovations to Build Sustainable, Equitable, Inclusive Food Value Chains

Nature Sustainability Expert Panel

2022 Nature Sustainability Final Report Cvr


Cornell University, through Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability’s food security working group, in collaboration with the journal Nature Sustainability and with the participation of its sister journal, Nature Food released their final report in May 2022. This document was based on a year-long expert panel convened on ‘Innovations to build sustainable, equitable, inclusive food value chains.’ In December 2020, the panel previously released its initial report and executive summary.

The panel brought together experts who come from many different continents and who span a wide range of disciplines and organizations—from industries and universities to social movements, governments, philanthropies, institutional investors, and multilateral agencies. Its task was to assess the current state of agri-food systems and the external drivers that will reshape them over the coming 25–50 years, to articulate a vision for agri-food systems at that 2045–2070 horizon, to review and synthesize the many emergent technologies that might help transform agri-food systems to achieve that vision, and to chart a strategy to transition from a perilous today to a healthier, more equitable, resilient, and sustainable tomorrow.

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