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hydroponic sprouts
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2021: Increasing Milk Production and Reducing Greenhouse Gas by Feeding Cows Hydroponic Sprouts

The global demand for dairy is rising due to increasing human population, urbanization, and income growth. Producing more milk will require already limited natural resources and create more greenhouse gas. In partnership with the Cornell Dairy Research Center and Grōv Technologies, Cornell researchers are exploring feeding dairy cattle sprouted grains grown using hydroponics in the U.S. This year-round and weather-independent approach is expected to produce more and better fodder in a shorter time, using less land, water, pesticides, and fossil fuels. It should also release less nitrogen into the environment. While the immediate focus is on U.S. farms, Grōv is also working with international farmers whose arable land and forage are limited.

[This project received an Innovation for Impact Fund AVF supplement.]

Investigators: Joseph McFaddenNeil MattsonKristan Reed

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