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Semida Silveira

Attending Week 1

Semida Silveira is a Professor of Practice in the Systems Engineering Program and a member of the CEET Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition. Her goal is to contribute to science-based societal transformation, a global low-carbon circular economy, and sustainable development through transdisciplinary research, education, and actions with impact. Before coming to Cornell University, she was a Full Professor in energy systems planning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, where she established and led the Energy and Climate Division of the Energy Technology Department for twelve years. During this time, she also acted as KTH director of international cooperation with Brazil and other Latin American countries and coordinated cooperation with the UNFCCC and UNCTAD. She is a faculty fellow at Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. Her work on sustainability grew from a conceptual basis towards an agenda for action, connecting technology, planning, and policy to steer societal transformation. This has taken her to transdisciplinary research and cooperation with multiple stakeholders. She collaborates with partners outside academia and brings real-world cases to the classroom. She has developed and managed projects in collaboration with academics, multi-lateral organizations, government, and the private sector in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Previously, she worked as a sustainability and climate expert at the Swedish Energy Agency, and program manager for energy and climate at the Stockholm Environment Institute. She did research at MIT, IIASA (International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis), the University of Tübingen, and the University of Stockholm. Professor Silveira has acted on various company boards of directors, and advisory committees including the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, Swedish Research Council, and Finnish Academy of Sciences, among others. She recently received an honorary medal from the Brazilian Embassy in Stockholm for her extensive work in promoting cooperation between Sweden and Brazil. She won the Jabuti literature Prize in 2001 in Brazil for the book Electricity for Sustainable Development (in Portuguese). She is also the author of various journal articles and books including an anthology of the Swedish energy system, Building sustainable energy systems – Swedish experiences, and the book Bioenergy – realizing the potential. Professor Silveira has a Ph.D. in regional planning from KTH and an engineer-architect degree from UFMG Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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