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  • Monarch butterfly
    ‘Paris Agreement for Nature’ Raises Biodiversity Hopes and Doubts
    12/20/2022 Financial Times: Christopher Dunn says, “The overall agreement that was hammered out was a good one... Some of the organisations that are concerned by the lack of specific targets -- well, we’re the ones doing the work anyway, and we know what needs to be done. We’ll carry on regardless.”
  • Negotiators at COP15
    Nearly Every Country Signs On to a Sweeping Deal to Protect Nature
    12/19/2022 New York Times: A Cornell Atkinson and TNC-funded study by the Paulson Institute, "found that reversing biodiversity decline by 2030 would require closing a financing gap of about $700 billion per year."
  • Canadian and French ministers hug at COP15
    The World Has A New Plan to Save Nature. Here’s How It Works -- and How It Could Fail.
    12/19/2022 Vox: "These financial commitments are still unlikely to be sufficient to meet the goals of the framework, said John Tobin, a professor of finance at Cornell University (who coauthored the report that identified the $700 billion gap). There has to be a more wholesale shift in the economy, he said, toward business activities that benefit nature... One indication that this transformation is already underway, he said, is that banks, asset managers, and other financial players attended COP15, and in record numbers. It was also the first UN biodiversity meeting that had a whole day devoted to finance."
  • Adult and juvenile tigers
    6 Reasons Why Our Planet Might Not Be Doomed After All
    12/18/2022 Vox: Amanda Rodewald is quoted, "...when we look at what needs to be done for birds, it’s the same things we need to be doing for human health and well-being."
  • COP15 3D sign
    Cornell Research Informs ‘Nature Finance’ for Biodiversity Negotiators
    12/16/2022 Cornell Chronicle: Led by John Tobin and Alan Martinez, the Cornell University delegation to COP15 included eight faculty and staff members who engaged with agency leaders, peers, and policymakers as leaders in negotiations and events.
  • COP15 Delegates
    After Developing Country Walkout, Ministers Arrive to Rescue Nature Talks
    12/15/2022 Climate Home News: Mentions the 2019 report by The Nature Conservancy, the Paulson Institute, and the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, which estimated that the world needs to mobilize around $700 billion per year to reverse the destruction of nature

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