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Farms divided by river

Project Team

  • Alan Martinez Principal Investigator
  • John Tobin Principal Investigator
  • Janet Smith Project Coordinator
  • Patrick Beary Steering Committee Member
  • Jun Cai Research Associate
  • Alejandro Delmar Research Associate
  • Katri Haantera Head Behavioral Science
  • Toneya McIntosh Sr. Behavioral Scientist & Research Team Support
  • John McKain Strategic Communications
  • Alekhya Mukkavilli Senior Research Associate
  • John Pickering Behavioral Science Team Lead
  • Everett Sanderson Research Associate
  • Mike Snow Research Associate

The mission of the Great Lakes Protection Fund (GLPF) is to identify, demonstrate and promote regional action to enhance the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. GLPF has provided financial support for this project.

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