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Support Emerging Sustainability Leaders

We are preparing Cornellians to be effective changemakers in solving the world’s sustainability challenges.

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Training the Next Generation of Sustainability Scholars

Postdoctoral associates, graduate students, and undergraduates play a crucial role in generating the energy, imagination, and innovation needed to forge sustainability solutions. Cornell Atkinson has brought more than 300 postdocs and students into sustainability collaborations across campus and beyond.

Cornell University students are deeply committed to sustainability issues and, combined with hands-on learning and research opportunities provided by Cornell Atkinson, gain real-world experience and professional skills that equip them to impact global sustainability significantly.

Small Grants Program is designed to encourage the exploration of new ideas, directions, or perspectives as part of graduate student and postdoctoral research on the most pressing questions related to our four priority areas.

Cornell Atkinson Summer Internships offer Cornell undergraduate and graduate students immersive, hands-on experience in leading environmental advocacy groups like the Environmental Defense Fund.

Cornell Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellowships reflect our commitment to the partnership by teaming postdocs with advisors from the Cornell faculty and nonacademic organizations. These two-year fellowships stimulate original cross-disciplinary research.

Cornell Atkinson Research Fellows is a group of more than 150 graduate students and postdocs representing more than 25 disciplines across campus, who attend unique programming to build connections with Cornell Atkinson’s Faculty Fellows, external organizations, and the local community.

Please contact Leah Tuck, Director of Development, if you would like to discuss this campaign priority.

Prince Ochonma

“I found out about the Small Grants Program through an email correspondence from Cornell Atkinson, and I spoke to my advisor about it. At that time, we needed funding to modify our reactor to suit my reactions. She encouraged me to apply. The center gave me the opportunity to pursue the project I was interested in pursuing.”

Prince Ochonma
2020 Cornell Atkinson Small Grants recipient and PhD candidate in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Katherine McClure

 “Many other skills beyond traditional academic ones are required for effective collaboration to achieve real-world conservation impact. The Cornell Atkinson postdoctoral fellowship program, along with fantastic mentorship at the Cornell Wildlife Health Center, helped provide me with a new set of tools to help translate ideas and techniques from public health into effective wildlife conservation action.”

Dr. Katherine McClure
2019-2021 postdoctoral fellow with the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability and the Cornell Wildlife Health Center
Navin Ramsaroop

“I grew up with a strong desire to better the environment and felt that as an individual, technology could help me make a larger impact. I reached out to Professor Zhang my freshman year asking to take on a project in his lab, and ever since, I have constantly been taking on meaningful work to help the environment in a technological way.”

Navin Ramsaroop ‘21
AVF and Office of Engagement grant recipient

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