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Summer Internships

Apply January 2023

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Hands-On Sustainability Experience

Cornell Atkinson sponsors summer internships for Cornell undergraduate students who want to immerse themselves fully in project teams working at the intersection of science, policy, community, and the private sector. Embedded across the country in the offices of our close partner the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Cornell students emerge understanding how lasting change is co-created among multiple stakeholders, together with a set of real skills that allow them to contribute to the process.

How to Apply


  • Cornell undergraduate and graduate students

The 2022 cycle is closed

  • Next cycle January 2023

2022 Atkinson-EDF Summer Internships

Louisa Bjerke ’22, 2021 Atkinson-EDF Summer Intern
Hawaiin Honeycreeper“Overall, I really enjoyed the EDF internship and was able to explore subjects and skills related to climate and fisheries that I had previously not considered. My favorite part of the internship was being able to interact with local EDF members who really put these projects into perspective. I also enjoyed the talks that were given by EDF staff members as they showed how far-reaching sustainability is and included a lot of different perspectives on the environment.”

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